Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is criticized for increasing his staffs' pay
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Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is criticized for increasing his staffs' pay

Date: September 29, 2008
By: Rachel Glaser
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is being criticized for giving members of his staff hefty pay increases using taxpayers' dollars.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City.

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Lt. Governor Peter Kinder says the pay increases were to reward his staff for working more hours.  But state time cards show the Lieutenant Governor's employees actually worked less hours since receiving the bonuses.
    Annette Mandel, a spokesperson for Lieutenant Governor opponent St. Louis Representative Sam Page called Kinder's actions unethical.       

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Description: We learned early in this campaign that Peter Kinder doesn't know that there is a line between ethical and unethical behavior. Many republicans are ashamed of his behavior and repudiate funneling taxpayers dollars to give undue bonuses to campaign staff. 

Kinder is quoted that he was unaware some employees were working less hours after they were issued pay increases.

Immediate comment was declined, but a spokeperson for Kinder said that there were no bonuses only a temporary increases in pay.

Reporting from the Capitol in Jefferson City, I'm Rachel Glaser

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