McCaskill issues response to Palin rally
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McCaskill issues response to Palin rally

Date: November 3, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: U.S Senator Democrat Claire McCaskill delivered the Democratic Party response following the Palin campaign rally in Jefferson City.

Max Reiss has more from the State Capitol.

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As Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin's motorcade drove away from the Missouri State House Monday afternoon, Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill said Republicans paint a false picture of Sen. Barack Obama.

McCaskill, a first term U.S. Senator and one of Obama's earliest supporters said Missouri voters aren't putting stock in the attacks.

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Description: "I don't think Missourians are buying it, and, um, today was no different. I think Sarah Palin was trying to distort the plans and policies that Barack Obama has when it comes to taxes."
McCaskill also said she thinks rural voters will place Missouri in Obama's column.
Reporting from Jefferson City, Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

Intro: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says rural Missouri will be the deciding factor in painting Missouri blue on election day.

Max Reiss has more from the State Capitol.

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rallied GOP supporters on the steps of the Missouri State House with talk of lower taxes and a stronger economy Monday afternoon.

About 90 minutes later U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill offered the Democratic response where she said the economy is the issue where Obama will swing voters from the Republican base.

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Description: "I think the economy has moved a lot of people from the fence, from that wonderful middle ground that so many people occupy in Missouri, over to Barack Obama's side. So I think our margins in rural Missouri are going to be better."
The majority of Palin's 20 minute speech was spent comparing John McCain's economic plan to Obama's.
Reporting from Jefferson City, Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

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