Secretary of State Carnahan addresses long lines at the polls
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Secretary of State Carnahan addresses long lines at the polls

Date: November 4, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Secretary of State Robin Carnahan says the local election authorities had to send assistance to help out with long lines cast ballots. RunTime:0:34
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6 and a half hours.

That's how long voters had to wait in line in Velda City which had the longest lines in the state.

Secretary of State Carnahan said St. Louis County Elections authorities are trying to smooth out the process.

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Description: "They seem to have been behind in that polling place all day. And I'm sure we'll know in the next 24 hours why that all happened. Right now, I think they're just trying to solve the problem."

Secretary Carnahan said the local election authorities were prepared for the record turnout but clearly some precincts were more ready than others.

From the Secretary of State's Office, Max Reiss 1120 KMOX News.

Intro: Secretary of State Robyn Carnahan doesn't know when the last voters in St Louis County will finish up.

Max Reiss has more from the Secretary of State's Office.

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Voters waited more than 6 and a half hours in Velda City.

Secretary of State Robyn Carnahan says there's no timetable for when voters will be done casting their ballots.

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Description: "We don't know that now. We are in close contact with St. Louis County and when they know things they let us know. But we just want to make sure everybody who's in line, and eligible to vote gets to have their voice heard in this historic election."

Carnahan also said her office is ready to stay up all night until all of the returns are counted.

From the Secretary of State's Office, Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

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