Funds for DSS program debated in senate committee hearing
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Funds for DSS program debated in senate committee hearing

Date: September 9, 2008
By: Abby Grimmett
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: A Senate committee met to discuss MO Healthnet funding Tuesday.

Abigail Grimmett (GRIMM-IT) has more from the State Capitol.

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The committee was created to examine MO HealthNet provider rates.

Dr. Ian McCaslin, Director of MO HealthNet urged the committee to look at the quality of service rather than written cost reports.

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Description: If there are options to alter some of the rate setting methodologies, I would just request that really be done with an emphasis on tracking quality measures and really incentivising delivery of quality of care.

Providers asked the committee to consider a funding increase to compensate for higher gas prices, utilities and healthcare insurance.

The committee has not made any decisions regarding fund distribution.

Reporting from the State Capital, I'm Abigail Grimmett.
Intro: A Senate committee discussed Mo Healthnet in a hearing Tuesday.

Abigail Grimmett (GRIMM-IT) has more from the state Capitol. 

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The committee to determine provider rates listened to testimonies from Missouri Healthcare providers.

Missouri State Director of Health and Senior Services, Jane Drummond said having a committee determine funding allocation eliminates guesswork.


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Description: We do not have a methodology at the department for establishing these rates. They are traditionally determined by the governor's office or the general assembly. There is no methodology in place and every year it really is a guesstimate.

The committee said they will determine funding on an individual basis rather than creating a universal formula.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Abigail Grimmett.

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