Election Not Over Yet, say Republicans
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Election Not Over Yet, say Republicans

Date: October 31, 2008
By: Joshua Skurnik
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Though scheduling has prevented the Missouri Republican candidates from campaigning as a group as much as they would like, they say they will use the remaining days to make up for lost time. RunTime:0:54
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Communications Director for the Missouri Republican Party Tina Hervey says the Missouri Republican candidates have not been able to campaign together as much as in past elections because of scheduling conflicts.

This does not mean they won't use the closing days of the election to show cohesiveness amongst the candidates with a range of events in which every candidate will attend.

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Description: There will be from as large as rallies to as small as individual meet-and-greets.
The entire Missouri Republican ticket will hold a rally in Springfield Saturday, which just so happens to correspond with the Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama's visit.
Spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party Jack Cardetti says this election is different because of Jay Nixon's huge following which has trickled down to other Democratic candidates.
Reporting from the state capital, I'm Joshua Skurnik.


Intro: A spokesman for the Missouri Democratic party says the amount of campaign events in which all of the candidates are present is the same as in past elections.

Joshua Skurnik (SCUR-nic) has more from Jefferson City. 

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Missouri Democratic party Communications Director Jack Cardetti says he thinks the amount of group campaigning by the entire Missouri Democratic ticket is just as high as in past elections and can be seen across the state.

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Description: The Missouri Democratic ticket is going to be in St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, a few other areas of the state between now and election day reminding voters to get out the vote.

Cardetti says what's different in this election is the support for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Nixon is allowing him to be a figure head and to share his following with the down-ballot candidates. 

Communications Director for the Missouri Republican Party Tina Hervey says scheduling conflicts have prevented the Republican candidates from doing as much group campaigning as in the past but says in the upcoming days they will conduct more rallies with the entire Missouri Republican ticket.

Reporting from the state capital, I'm Joshua Skurnik.  


Intro: Missouri Republican and Democratic parties both are relying on figure-head candidates to lead their tickets.

Joshua Skurnik (SCUR-nic) has more from Jefferson City. 

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Spokespeople for the Missouri Democratic and Republican parties both say they are relying on their candidates for governor to give a unified message for their party's ticket.

Spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party Jack Cardetti says group campaigning for Democratic candidates is different this election because of the huge support for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Nixon.

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Description: One of the differences is obviously we have a really top, a really strong top of the ticket candidate. Right now Jay Nixon has really garnered a ton of support, not only from Democrats but from Independents and Republicans as well.

Cardetti says Nixon's large following will have a trickle down effect and give support to the down-ballot candidates.

Communication's Director for the Missouri Republican Party Tina Hervey says the leadership of Kenny Hulshof has helped the Republicans give a unified candidate message when they have been unable to have all of their candidates present.

Reporting from the State Capital, I'm Joshua Skurnik.

Intro: With the election less then a week away, Missouri Republican candidates can not have as many group campaign events because of scheduling conflicts.

Joshua Skurnik (SCUR-nic) has more from Jefferson City. 

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According to Communications Director for the Missouri Republican Party Tina Hervey the Republican candidates have not been able to travel and campaign as a unit because of scheduling.

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Description: They have schedules that were already set, and once this was planned, we're pulling them together as much as their schedules can particularly accommodate.
Hervey says the Republican candidates plan to have a joint rally in Springfield on Saturday.
Missouri Democratic party Communications Director Jack Cardetti says the Democratic candidates have not been meeting any more or less than in previous election cycles, but credits the large following to Gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Joshua Skurnik.


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