Attorney General candidate doesn't mind robo calls
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Attorney General candidate doesn't mind robo calls

Date: September 2, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Republican Senator Mike Gibbons doesn't have a problem with automated campaign phone calls and agrees with Attorney General Jay Nixon when he says wants them gone from elections.

Max Reiss (REECE) has more from the Jefferson City.

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The Republican nominee for state attorney general agrees with the Democrat sitting in the seat he is running for when it comes to robotic campaign phone messages.

Senator Mike Gibbons says he takes issue with the automated calls and wouldn't mind getting rid of them.

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Description: Well, I adamantly disagree with using these anonymous automated calls. I think that's absolutely wrong and I would definitely support a change in the law that would eliminate them altogether.

Gibbons said his campaign is using robo-calls but they are not anonymous.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

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