Wes Upchurch
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Wes Upchurch

Date: October 22, 2008
By: Sarah D. Wire
State Capitol Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - Compared to his opponents, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State Wes Upchurch is young, very young.

"Everybody I talk to is like -- ooh--  it's the young candidate," Upchurch said.

But Upchurch, a 21-year-old web-designer, is using his youth to mobilize young voters.

Upchurch said he has seen a growth in new college libertarian party groups in Missouri.

He said he has been well received in the young community and wants to make sure voters view him as qualified for the position.

Glenn Nielsen, the state chairman of the Missouri Libertarian Party said Upchurch has been particularly active on the Internet through Facebook and MySpace.

"At the Twilight Festival's young people kept coming up and saying, 'wow, hi I know you from Facebook," Nielsen said.

Nielsen said despite his age Upchurch has been diligent about seeking the position.

"As an individual, he has demonstrated from an early age that he is a go getter," Nielsen said.

"I was pleasantly surprised that he diligently went and reviewed the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of State's office and found exactly how he would run the office differently."

Upchurch said he's found that the government is becoming more intrusive and Missouri needs a smaller government that can be more efficient.

"The government likes to meddle in what you do, but they don't like it when you look at what they do," Upchurch said.

Upchurch works as an Internet design and business development professional for a Web-design company in Columbia.


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