One man village supported by House Speaker
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One man village supported by House Speaker

Date: May 14, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 765

Intro: The Speaker of the House is one of few supporters of a bill that was repealed by the Missouri House.

Max Hyman (HIGH-man) has more from Jefferson City.

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House Speaker Republican Representative Rod Jetton was one of the few voices in favor of a bill passed last year that gave one man his very own village.

Jetton said the repeal is a direct attack on village rights.


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Description: It's a villain of private property rights. There's a lot of situations around the state where these zoning boards and commissions and things manipulate the situation, play favorites to their friends or not to others.

The bill was passed by the legislature last year which featured a last minute provision that Jetton himself included.

The Speaker of the House also said village law is something he has supported since his time as a Bollinger County Commissioner.

Jetton was one of only six representatives that voted against the repeal.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Hyman. KMOX News.

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