Live from the Nixon watch party
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Live from the Nixon watch party

Date: November 4, 2008
By: Abby Grimmett
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Abigail Grimmett is live at the Pageant in St. Louis at Nixon's election watch party. RunTime:0:46
OutCue: SOC

More people are starting to arrive at Nixon's election party here at The Pageant.

Nixon has not arrived, but the crowd is staying busy watching national election coverage on two big screens as numbers are pouring in from the East Coast.

Roger Wilson, who served as Governor of Missouri after Governor Carnahan's death, is here supporting Nixon, a long time friend.

Actuality:  WILSON.WAV
Run Time: 00:13
Description: Wilson recollects on Nixon's skills on the basketball court.


Wilson, who also played basketball with Nixon, said he would like to see Nixon's skills on the court transition into his service as Governor. 

Reporting from the Pageant in St. Louis, I'm Abigail Grimmett.

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