Rate Increase Passes 12-1 Out of Committee
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Rate Increase Passes 12-1 Out of Committee

Date: March 3, 2009
By: Max Reiss
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 554

Intro: Despite the Governor's wishes, AmerenUE is one step closer to increasing its rates so it could pay for a second Mid-Missouri powerplant.

Max Reiss (REECE) has more from Jefferson City.

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Six days ago Governor Jay Nixon said he does not support a rate increase before AmerenUE gets a permit to build a second plant.

The House Utilities Committee had other ideas Tuesday.

It overwhelmingly passed the proposed rate hike, twelve to one.

Committee Chair Ed Emery said consumers will see their prices go down later if they go up now.

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Description: "I think in the long run, this provides us the lowest possible cost of electricity. Its a safe generation. Its clean generation."

The bill would repeal a 30 year old law preventing energy companies from increasing their rates before a plant is up and running.

AmerenUE told legislators it could not build the plant without raising its rates.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss, Newsradio 1120, KMOX.

Intro: AmerenUE's second nuclear power plant is closer to reality after a House Utilities Panel passed it out of committee.

Max Reiss (REECE) has more from Jefferson City.

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Both Democrats and Republicans on the House Utilities Committee overwhelmingly voted twelve to one to let AmerenUE increase its rates before it builds a second nuclear power plant.

Governor Jay Nixon says he wants AmerenUE to get a permit for the plant before proposing a rate hike.

Fellow Democrat, St. Louis Representative Jake Zimmerman voted to pass the bill but says it still needs work.

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Description: "The bill as it stands has a lot of problems and has some consumer unfriendly provisions that really need to be changed. But I want to have a seat at the table and the ability to influence this legislation as it moves forward."

AmerenUE proposed to build a second nuclear plant in Callaway County.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss Newsradio 1120, KMOX.

Intro: AmerenUE's proposed rate hike to pay for a second nuclear plant made its way out of committee and could reach the House floor soon.

Max Reiss (REECE) has more from the State Capitol. 

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A St. Louis Area Democrat approved the measure with . . .

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Description: "A very reluctant yes."

Representative Jake Zimmerman says voted for AmerenUE's rate hike proposal with the intention of changing it once it reaches the House floor.

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Description: "As Governor Nixon and others have said, we have a looong way to go on this thing and it is, it's not ready for prime time yet."

The governor has said it is premature for AmerenUE to increase it's rates before receiving a permit to build a second Callaway County nuclear plant.

The House Utilities Committee passed the bill overwhelmingly, twelve to one.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss, Newsradio 1120, KMOX.

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