Missouri receives $223 million in federal stimulus money
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Missouri receives $223 million in federal stimulus money

Date: February 26, 2009
By: Valerie Insinna
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Missouri deposited the first of the checks the state will be getting as part of the federal economic stimulus package. Valerie Insinna (in-sin-uh) has more from the State Capitol.  RunTime:0:34
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Gov. Jay Nixon deposited over 223 million dollars of federal stimulus money into a newly created bank account in the State Treasury.

In order to house this check and any other upcoming federal funds, Nixon created two bank accounts to separate the new dollars from the old. 

The money  is a reimbursement for Medicaid expenses from October 2008 until February of this year, although it has yet to be designated for that purpose.

The funds could be sitting there for a while--until legislators decide how to spend it for the next fiscal year.

From the State Capitol, I'm Valerie Insinna.

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