Bills Pre-filed for next session reopen issues from last session
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Bills Pre-filed for next session reopen issues from last session

Date: December 3, 2009
By: Allison Blood
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  With the next legislative session only a few months away, bills are being pre-filed. Some include bills from last year and one which could undermine a Federal law. Allison Blood has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: Leaders in the House and Senate say this legislative session will undoubtedly revolve around the budget.

But House Democratic leader Paul LeVota and Senate Republican leader Charlie Shields said recent indictments of lawmakers will cause ethics to be a big issue this session.

Shields said the events created a cloud over the Capitol.

Other long-standing debates are already beginning with Tuesday's pre-filing.

A ban on texting while driving would amend the law which made it illegal for those 21 and under to text while driving.

Bill Sponsor, Democratic representative Linda Fischer says the age stipulation makes no sense.

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Description: "You can't target just those people that are 16 to 21 because that means if you're 39 or 49 or 59 that impairment is consistent with texting not with your age."

The ban which passed last year gained bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.

The abortion discussion is back again too.

The bill would add further restrictions to obtaining the procedure.

Another house member is sponsoring a measure aimed at requiring a prescription for sudaphedrine.

Republican Representative Jeff Roorda is sponsoring the bill, and says this is the best way to cut down on Missouri's methamphetamine production.

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Description: "We're the number one state in the country in meth lab seizures, which is sort of the best measure of how much methamphetamine is being produced in your state. Not something to be proud of."

Rooda said the bill has failed in the past because of pressure from pharmaceutical companies, and is frustrated with the process.

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Description: "I used to just be worried about putting these drugs out of the reach of meth cooks, but I guess now I'm kind of worried about putting profits out of the reach of pharmaceutical companies too."

Roorda is not the only legislator frustrated with Missouri's policies regarding prescriptions.

Republican Representative Cynthina Davis filed a resolution which would allow Missourians to vote on President Obama's health care plan.

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Description: "So what this bill essentially does is it says we are going to maintain our right to purchase health care however we choose, regardless of what they come up with."

Davis said her resolution preserves the State's the right to govern its citizens.

The legislative session begins January 6.

From Jefferson City, I'm Allison Blood./