Missouri prepares for more green jobs
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Missouri prepares for more green jobs

Date: November 19, 2009
By: Allison Blood
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  Missouri Department of Economic Development says its $1.2 million gift from the federal government is just another step toward economic recovery.
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Wrap: Unemployment figures show Missourians are getting back to work, and the Department of Economic Development says its recent gift will compliment the growing economy.

The $1.2 million grant from the Federal Government is aimed at researching methods to train Missouri's workforce in green techniques.

With nearly 4,000 Missourians back to work last month alone, and green industries on the rise, DED spokesman John Fougere said this could not have come at a better time.

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Description: "We think it's extremely important to uhm have a skilled, trained workforce that is going to be in a position to be ready to assume some of these twentyfirst-century jobs and future economy."

Fougere says green technologies will affect all industries in the next few years.

He said Missouri was one of "only a handful" of states to receive the grant.

Governor Jay Nixon found the unemployment numbers encouraging, because he only cut higher education by five percent, though some legislators say that won't be enough.

Republican Senator Scott Rupp is one of them.

He sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee and says Nixon's cuts to education could be detrimental in the long run.

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Description:  "Basically, the governor is tying his hands to a large section of the budget, and that just means that there's going to be more severe cuts to the mentally handicapped and children with developmental disabilities, which I think will be hard to get support for."

Rupp is not the only law maker to express concerns about the Governor's cuts.

House Budget Chair Alan Icet predicted further cuts after seeing October's general revenue numbers.

Budget Director Linda Leubbering said the economy will recover when more Missourians re-enter the workforce.

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Description: "We obviously expect next calendar year to look better relative to the January through June of the prior year."

Leuberring said last year was awful for the state's workforce, so it's likely that employment will continue to rise.

If she's right, it's likely these newly-hired workers will see the effect of the federal grant.

The grant is also aimed at creating an online job bank for those skilled in green fields.

From Jefferson City, I'm Allison Blood, KSMU News.