A Missouri health care provider agree with Obama
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A Missouri health care provider agree with Obama

Date: September 10, 2009
By: Rebecca Stephen
State Capitol Bureau


After a speech to congress addressing the nation's health care issues, some Missouri health care providers say they are ready for reform. Rebecca Stephen has more from Jefferson City.

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Wrap: A Missouri Health care provider agrees with President Obama's attempts toward a health care overhaul.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield spokesperson Scott Larrivee says he is pleased the President supports market reforms the health care industry proposed last year.

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Description: "President Obama expressed desire to get health reform in action, and he called for truth and honesty in our national health care debate and at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield we agree with that. We think that's what's needed."

Larrivee also says Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield serves 1.3 million members in Missouri and they are ready to create a sustainable health care program.

From the State Capitol, I'm Rebecca Stephen.



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