Red light camera ban stopped
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Red light camera ban stopped

Date: February 25, 2009
By: Max Reiss
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 211

Intro: Red light cameras around St.Louis won't be removed any time soon.

Max Reiss has more from Jefferson City.

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The proposed ban on red light cameras was denied by the Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday.

During the bill's hearing last week, opponents to the ban said the cameras made streets safer.

St. Louis Republican Jim Lembke sponsored the bill and said he was disappointed with the committee's decision and that the cameras are no more than a money-maker.

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Description: "These cameras have been very lucrative for the city of St. Louis. The bottom line is, I want to make sure that my constituents' rights are protected and that the municipalities that have these red light cameras are following state statute."

The measure was voted down 8-2.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss, Newsradio 1120, KMOX.

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