Nixon announces no cuts for Missouri Public 4 year institutions
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Nixon announces no cuts for Missouri Public 4 year institutions

Date: January 21, 2009
By: Max Reiss
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Governor Jay Nixon makes a major higher education funding announcement less than a week before his first state of the state address.

Max Reiss has more from the State Capitol.

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In Columbia today, Governor Jay Nixon revealed part of his budget plan which put smiles on the faces of the UM faculty and students in attendance.

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Description: I'm proud to announce that Missouri students will not see a tuition increase next year. . . period.

Actually, Nixon doesn't have the power to make that decision because the legislature could cut any of his budget recommendations.

Nixon said he made the decision to bar any budget cuts to higher education when he saw the 13 percent increase in California.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss 1120 KMOX News.

Intro: After only 9 days in office, the new governor makes a huge budget announcement which was music to the ears of public university and college employees around the state.

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Governor Jay Nixon announced this morning on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia that he will not make any cuts to higher education funding and those universities and colleges benefiting will not raise tuition next year.

Nixon, a Mizzou alum, said his decision was sparked by another state's governor raising tuition.

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Description: I just saw Schwarzenegger raising it 13 percent and it inspired me to be stronger than him, you know.

Though sparing higher education may be his wish, the legislature has the power to cut any of Governor Nixon's budget proposals.

Reporting from Jefferson City, Max Reiss, 1120, KMOX News.

Intro: Governor Nixon says higher education will not feel the hurt as he makes his budget cuts.

Max Reiss has more from Jefferson City.

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Governor Jay Nixon says he will not cut any higher education funding in the next fiscal year and state funded 4 year universities and colleges will not raise tuition either.

Nixon said cutting any higher ed funding is bad for Missouri's future but since there won't be any cuts there, they will come from somewhere else.

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Description: Certainly there will be some, some other parts of government and services that have to feel a little of the pruning knife of the times.

The governor did not specify which programs may be on the way out.

Any budget proposal made by the governor could be cut by the legislature.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Max Reiss, 1120 KMOX News.

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