Heavy rainfall hurts Missouri's pumpkin crops.
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Heavy rainfall hurts Missouri's pumpkin crops.

Date: October 20, 2009
By: Rebecca Stephen
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  Take the kids to buy pumpkins early this year because heavy rain hurt central Missouri's pumpkin harvest.
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Wrap: The large amount of rain this season ruined some central Missouri pumpkin crops.

Mackey Produce owner Calvin Mackey says the rain completely destroyed his pumpkin patch.  

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Description: "Vines didn't produce any pumpkins and the few pumpkins we did produce rotted on the bottoms. So we had a total crop failure."

Pumpkin patches in northern Missouri told a different story.

A pumpkin patch owner in St. Joseph said his crop had one of the biggest harvests ever.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Rebecca Stephen.

Intro:  Heavy rainfall made it rough for Missouri farmers who did not apply the right fungicides this growing season.
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Wrap: Large amounts of rain hurt pumpkin patches in Missouri.

Schweizer (SCH-WEISS-ER) Orchard owner Corey Schweizer (SCH-WEISS-ER) says his orchard only had a big harvest because of  fungicides he applied.

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Description: Just a optimal, optimal environment for it, the only thing we had was just way too much rain, and the rain was combated with like I said, we had to hoe a lot and we had to spray a lot."

But one pumpkin patch owner wasn't as fortunate, he lost his entire pumpkin crop to the rain.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Rebecca Stephen.

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