Mo. House blocks $336 million stimulus bill
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Mo. House blocks $336 million stimulus bill

Date: April 30, 2009
By: Valerie Insinna
State Capitol Bureau
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Intro: The Missouri House rejected a proposal that would set aside $336 million in stimulus funds for capital improvements. RunTime:0:39
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A bill that would spend 336 million dollars of federal stimulus funds was shot down by the Missouri House.

Jackson County Representative Jason Holsman criticized Republicans for giving money to pork projects when the state faces an 8 percent budget shortfall for fiscal year 2011.


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Description: "So here we have (House Bill) 22 with all of this what we consider pork projects going to different districts when we need to be saving this money for our services that we provide the state of Missouri."

A new Highway Patrol radio system costing over 111 million dollars would have been the bill's most expensive endeavor.

From the State Capitol, I'm Valerie Insinna.


Intro:  The Missouri House has turned down spending a third of a billion dollars for Missouri capital improvements.

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The Missouri House deemed a 336 million dollar stimulus bill not kosher amid concerns of funding pork projects.

After Democrats criticized the bill for unnecessary expenditures, bill sponsor Allen Icet said all of the proposed projects would help the citizens of Missouri.


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Description: I would be interested, actually I wanted to inquire of the gentleman from Shannon, but I'm closing, just to understand exactly where the quote pork is. Is it in the debt relief? Is it in Ellis Fischel? Is it in inter op? I'm curious which of those is considered pork.

The bill would have given 31 million dollars to the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center in Columbia, which had its funding suspended in January.

From the State Capitol, I'm Valerie Insinna.


Intro: Fear of pork project spending kept a $336 million stimulus bill from passing in the Missouri House. RunTime:0:43
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The Missouri House vetoed a bill providing a third of a billion dollars of federal stimulus money for construction projects in the state.

The proposal would have given 111 million dollars for a new Highway Patrol radio system and 12 million for public transportation in St. Louis.

Assistant Minority Floor Leader J.C. Kuessner was one of the opposing Democrats who contended the bill contained too much unnecessary spending.


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Description: Rather than having our constituents ask about $800 toilet seats and $500 hammers, it's time to put the hammer down on House Bill 22 and vote it down.

The federal funds will roll over into the next fiscal year,but it's uncertain how they will be spent.
From the State Capitol, I'm Valerie Insinna.

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