Candidates for Missouri State Auditor
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Candidates for Missouri State Auditor

By: Alysha Love, Audrey Moon and Kiki Schmitz and
State Capitol Bureau

  Susan Montee
Tom Schweich
Charles Baum
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Newspaper Profile
Radio Feature
Newspaper Profile
Radio Feature
Age: 51; July 5, 1959 49; October 2, 1960 63; May 1, 1947
Family: Spouse: divorced James Montee in 2007

Children: Amanda, Andy, Austin

Spouse: Kathy Schweich

Children: Emilie and Thomas, Jr.

Wife: Carol
Children: daughter Jennifer
Grandchildren: grand-daughter Camille

Education: 1985: B.S. in accounting, Drury University, minors in economics and business administration

2000: J.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City

1982: B.A. in history, Yale University

1985: J.D., Harvard University

1970: B.S. in Business Finance, University of Missouri - Columbia

1978: M.A. in Teaching, Webster University

Job History: 1985-1990: Owner/founder of a family-owned computer supply company in St. Joseph.

1990-1996: Homemaker and parent

1999-2003: St. Joseph City Council

2001-2007: Buchanan County Auditor

2007-present: Missouri State Auditor

1985-present: attorney at Bryan Cave, St. Louis

1999-2000: Chief of Staff, federal Waco investigation

2004-2005: Chief of Staff, U.S. Ambassador at the UN under Jack Danforth and John Bolton

2005-2008: Deputy Assistant. U.S. Secretary of State

2007: Acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

2007-2008: Coordinator with the rank of ambassador for the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in Afghanistan

2008: Visiting Professor, Washington University

1994-2010 Chartered Financial Consultant at Renaissance Financial in St. Louis

1984: Certified Financial Planner at Renaissance Financial in St. Louis

1976: District manager at IBS

1973-1976: Math teacher at Hanley Junior High School in University City

Key Issues: Audits on institutions of public education to uncover misuse and waste of spending in Missouri school systems.

Organizational changes in the state auditor's office including shared staff and resources.

Helping departments manage the federal stimulus money

Cleaning out any financial corruption in Jefferson City

Independent voice. Baum says that because he does not belong to either of the major political parties, he will be able to make decisions without "compromising values" or "playing politics."

"Congress, on the national level, has gotten so political that Main Street has been left out of the equation entirely," Baum said.

Interviews with staff

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