Libertarian Candidate for State Auditor says he can bring real change to the office.
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Libertarian Candidate for State Auditor says he can bring real change to the office.

Date: October 4, 2010
By: Breana Jones
State Capitol Bureau

For Charles Baum, running as a Libertarian is more of a help than a hindrance in a bi-partisan dominated society.
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Wrap: Charles Baum might be considered a long shot for Missouri State Auditor, but the financial adviser and St. Louis native says his eye was originally on a higher prize.

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Description: " I say I chose the State Auditor because it's what I have my background in. They weren't recruiting me to run for president so I chose the State auditor."

Baum's ambitions may seem lofty, but his campaign message sounds similar to President Obama's in 2008 -- a call for change.

His co-workers stand behind his character. One of them even decided to become his campaign manager.

Instead of asking voters to choose between blue and red, Baum is asking them to consider a third color, Libertarian.

He says that while current State Auditor Susan Montee has not done a bad job, at the end of the day she has a party to answer to, and this affects her decision-making.

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Description: "One of the biggest problems with the Democrats and the Republicans is because so many of their elections are based on huge campaign contributions and when you make a campaign contribution, you're expecting something back."

A self-described "non-political politician", Baum says he will bring an objective eye as State Auditor.

It is a position, he says, is in dire need of non-partisanship, as it directly affects how Missouri tax dollars are spent.  

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Description: " I feel that the State Auditor has to be an uncompromised position. I think both the Democrats and the Republicans are automatically compromised by the party that they belong to."

Baum spends his days as a training manager and mentor at Renaissance Financial.

When Baum is not working on his campaign, he can often be found in his garden at his home in University City.

He has kept it up for more than 30 years, and his garden is an eclectic mix of marigolds, elephant ears, vegetables, and more.
He likes to utilize his homegrown produce in his kitchen, and secretly considers himself as a bit of a chef.

A recent grandfather, Baum is attempting to get his daughter to move back home to St. Louis, so he can see her and his one-year-old granddaughter, Camille, more often.

He says Camille doesn't have him wrapped around her finger just yet, and that position still belongs to his daughter.

Baum says the Libertarian Party is one of the people, but that the people have forgotten what it stands for.


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Description: "The Libertarian Party is basically for less government and more personal responsibility. A great number of people would say that's exactly what they're for--the tea party movement--A lot of the people out there say that they're for less government and more personal responsibility."

This is the advantage Charles Baum believes he has, and come election day, he hopes to tap into the true beliefs of Missouri voters. Reporting from the capitol, Breana Jones.