Jerry Beck
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Jerry Beck

Date: October 4, 2010
By: Ben Wagner
State Capitol Bureau

The Missouri Constitution Party candidate for the U-S senate says he hopes his experience outside of Washington D-C will give him an edge in the polls.
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Wrap: United States candidate Jerry Beck knows where he stands.

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Description: "Oh, I'm definitely a businessman, I'm not a politician (laughs). I'm absolutely a businessman, I've been in the manufacturing business all my life."

For more than 30 years, Beck was President of Millennium Manufacturing, a company that develops air purifiers before retiring in 2004 near Sedalia.

His interest in technology lead him to the clean air industry.

But Beck wasn't always focused on the business sector.

In 1957, he studied at Northeast Missouri State Teacher's College, now Truman State University, to become a high school teacher.

He put his academic career on hold to enlist in the U-S Marine Corps in 1958.

He says his time in the armed forces gave him a new outlook on life.

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Description: "It influenced me to have a love and a respect for our country. It gave me a respect for people who have gone before, you know. Because when they hit the beaches, they gave their today so you and I and everybody else could have their tomorrows, you know."

After four years of military service, Beck returned to school to finish his education degree.

But shortly after he came home, his father suffered an unexpected injury.

With no other option, Beck began to work to help support his family financially.

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Description: "It was extremely hard to support a family at such a young age when you know you couldn't fulfill your ambitions of becoming a teacher."

But as a result, he never returned to college.

A part of his history he says he wishes he could have back.

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Description: "That's life. You can do nothing about the things that you did earlier or you can't justify them now. It's over with. (pause) I regret it quite a bit."

Now as the Constitution Party's candidate for Kit Bond's U.S. Senate seat, he says he hopes his manufacturing knowledge will put him ahead of his competitors.

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Description: "The most important thing is I know how to do distribution. Distribution is what brings your dollar in and what we've lost in this nation is our ability to distribute our product."

Constitution Party Chairman Donna Ivanovich says a main focus of Beck's campaign is putting an end to outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.

Beck says the U-S economy will collapse if jobs aren't returned to American workers.

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Description: "If we do not bring out manufacturing and our jobs back to this nation, this nation will collapse. I believe it will collapse within a year and a half or before. It could even collapse after this election, within 30 to 60 days after this election."

Beck contends technology-based manufacturing plants are the most important industry in the business world.

He pushed this idea during a debate held at Lake Ozark on October 15.

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Run Time:  00:11
Description: "But what the most grievous thing is the electronics is the most highly sought after product in the world. It will produce more money than all the oil companies, all the car companies or anybody by two-fold."

It's a mix between business and past experience Ivanovich says will help Beck in the 20-10 U.S.Senate election.

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Run Time:  00:05
Description: "A lot of financial loss and tragedy in his life because of federal government intervention."

Something Beck says he hopes voters will see in November.

From the state capitol, I'm Ben Wagner.