A blackout hits the Missouri Capitol
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A blackout hits the Missouri Capitol

Date: January 20, 2010
By: Rebecca Stephen
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  The Capitol building went dark just an hour before the Governor's state of the state address.
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Wrap: It was just a two minute power outage, but it left the entire Capitol dark, including the House chambers where the State of the State address was going to take place in less than a hour.  

University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton was among those startled by the dark while being interviewed by reporters.

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Description:  "Things that no one wants to happen, but we wanted to- Whoa!" (Laughing) "That's a little concerning" (Laughing) "...we did inform the students of that."

Ameren UE spokesman Mike Cleary says the two minute blackout was caused by a malfunction during Ameren maintenance work.

Also, Cleary says the power outage affected government buildings, the Governor's mansion and several Jefferson City businesses.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rebecca Stephen.

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