Missouri Senate approves 37 million for Career Ladder program
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Missouri Senate approves 37 million for Career Ladder program

Date: April 14, 2010
By: Alana Young
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  The Missouri Senate voted in support of state funding for a public school program on Wednesday.
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Wrap: The Missouri Senate voted unanimously in favor of a bill that will give 37 million dollars of the state budget to the Career Ladder program.

Although this program will receive its funding, Republican Representative Jason Crowell says cutting the budget will only become more difficult  next year.

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Description: The decisions in my opinion that we are wrestling with here today, pale in comparison to the decisions that we will be forced to deal with next year.


The Senate and the House will have to come to an agreement on the program funding.

By agreeing with the House, the Senate endorsed Governor Nixon's plan for freezing school tuitions that state universities have agreed to. 

From the State Capitol, I'm Alana Young

Intro:  The Missouri Senate votes unanimously for Career Ladder program funding Wednesday.
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Wrap: The Missouri Senate has gone along with the House in endorsing Governor Nixon's plan of higher education funding that ensures no increase for in-state undergraduate tuition.

The Senate also voted for 37 million dollars towards teacher salary bonuses in the Career Ladder program after it was previously cut from the budget.  

Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Rob Mayer says the program funding should be part of the budget, and rewards teachers who are doing their job.

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Description: I think the difference is, is that we've got teachers who have actually done the work, I think its a type of contract with them, and they've already done the work, and we should pay them for the work.
Now both the Senate and House must agree on program funding.   
From the State Capitol, I'm Alana Young.

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