Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine Appeals to Voters by Having No Experience
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Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine Appeals to Voters by Having No Experience

Date: October 20, 2010
By: Rebecca May
State Capitol Bureau

Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine is a personal trainer, has an 18 month old daughter, has no experience in politics and is running for the U.S. Senate.
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Wrap: Waking up every morning in Riverside Kansas City, making a bowl of oatmeal before work, Jonathan Dine takes his daughter to daycare and then heads off to Snap Fitness to train a couple of clients. 

After a routine workout session with a few regulars, he picks up his daughter and takes Isabella Rose to go out for some fun.  Chuck E. Cheese is one of their personal favorites.  Dine's day continues back to work then home to campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Jonathan Dine is the Libertarian candidate for the 2010 Senate and the underdog of this race.

Dine says he is just an everyday guy, he was a trainer for the past 11 years, and says it was time to have someone that the people can identify with.

The owner of Snap Fitness, Marc Lewis says for the time that Dine has worked with him he thinks that his candidacy will be a successful one.

With no prior experience but support he gained from Facebook and coworkers he started his campaign trail.

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Description: "That's one thing that I see in him. Wanting to change or fix things that are broken in our political system."


Lewis along with past opponent Cisse Spragins, also from the Libertarian party, agree that Dine's campaign style is not the traditional one.

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Description: "He has done a very good job of reaching younger voters. He primarily used social media for his campaigning and he is targeting younger voters. He is pretty young himself."

 Facebook and YouTube videos are not the only form of campaigning that Dine has done. 

Dine says he once had friend give him a temporary tattoo of words reading legalize it across his chest and Jonathan down his right arm and Dine on the other.

Dine says he attends festivals and concerts across the state to gain public support and awareness in general about the Libertarian party.

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Run Time:  00:15
Description: "There's four million registered voters. Only two million people participated. One million for the republicans and one million for the democrats so there were two million people out there who didn't feel the need to participate or didn't feel like there was adequate representation for them."

The Libertarian candidate wants to push for more individual rights, like the legalization of marijuana.  One of his only campaign videos on YouTube shows a marijuana leaf and handcuffs, with a giant red x over it.

Dine says term limits are something that are very important to him because he thinks the career politicians have corrupted the purpose of a Constitution, to protect individual freedoms.

Dine says both of his competitors, Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan are examples of career politicians and it shows in their contributions.

The Federal Election Commission says that Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan raised millions.

Jonathan Dine has received near one thousand dollars from his contributors, but he says he has been able to make due with what was given.

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Run Time:  00:14
Description: "I think the country is kind of tired of the career politician, and to me the Blunt and the Carnahan is the epitome of the my last name entitles me to office type of feeling."

Dine says he feels that the Libertarian party has similarities with each of the two major parties.

Actuality:  DINE4.WAV
Run Time:  00:19
Description: "As a Libertarian i think I have a little bit of both. You know the socially liberal aspect and the fiscally conservative element and my message is definitely for the 18-35 crowd. The people who haven't really become entrenched in a party, who are still up to making their minds."

Former competitor, Cisse Spragins says that regardless the loss to Dine he is a good representation of the party and he articulates the principles of Libertarianism very well.

From Jefferson City I'm Becky May.