Jefferson City is one of five State Capitals selected to recieve a federal grant
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Jefferson City is one of five State Capitals selected to recieve a federal grant

Date: November 16, 2010
By: Jamal Andress
State Capitol Bureau

Jefferson City was selected to participate in the Greening America's Capitals Project and so far nothing has changed. Jamal Andress has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap:Jefferson City was selected as one of five state capitals to participate in the nationwide project, Greening America's State Capitals

The city has yet to receive any money but according to the city administrator assistant, Melva Fast this project from the federal government is only a piece of the work being done on the city. 

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Description: "We're already working on the bike pedestrian bridge you know, across the Missouri River. We're already working on an access to Adrian's Island. We're already working on MSP and that improvement. We're already working on a conference center."

Fast says that when the plan for renovation has been put in place then Jefferson City will get an idea of how much money the grant will be.   

From the state capital, I'm Jamal Andress.

Jefferson City is just one of five state capitals to win a federal grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a project called Greening America's Capitals. Jamal Andress has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: The Greening America's Capitals Project focuses on one specific area of the city.

One area visitors from Eastern Missouri have to see while driving in to the city is Wears Creek

Wears Creek is a stream located in Cole County, Missouri. 

Melva Fast, Special Projects Coordinator for Jefferson City, says this project will instill some pride back into the city.

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Description: "What we have there in the old Wears Creek is it's sort of a forgotten area, a desolate area in the sense that the creek is no longer an asset in this community, it's not some nothing that people take alot of pride in, in fact it almost looks like a drainage ditch."

  Despite the condition of the creek now Fast says for some it holds touching memories

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Description: "And when you talk to old-timers in this community as kids growing up they remember playing in the creek it being a place to catch minnows and have to some fun and we've kind of lost that part."

 From the state capital, I'm Jamal Andress.

The State Capital of Missouri is one of 5 cities in America who will receive a federal grant to renovate a part of the City. Jamal Andress has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: The primary focus of the Greening America's Capitals Project is to environmentally improve Jefferson City.

But according to City Administrator Assistant Melva Fast, this project will be great for the economy as well.

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Description: "Local contractors as well as others will have an opportunity so it always comes down to who has the lowest and best bid. So I can't predict that right now but yes I'm.. yes I will say that we should be creating jobs."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Jefferson City's unemployment rate is 7 percent which is down from the beginning of this year.

From the state Capital, I'm Jamal Andress.  

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