The Missouri House approves the budget for the fiscal year 2011
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The Missouri House approves the budget for the fiscal year 2011

Date: March 24, 2010
By: Alana Young
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  Missouri House Representatives discussed a budget proposal Wednesday that cut Governor Nixon's intial recommendations for the 2011 fiscal year.
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Wrap: In a meeting Wednesday, the Missouri House give its first round approval to the modified state budget for the 2011 fiscal year.

The proposed budget cut Governor Nixon's recommendation by more than 200 million dollars, but Springfield Democratic

Representative Sara Lampe says she isn't pleased with all of the cuts made in the budget.

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Description: I think we have some unanswered questions, and I think we some issues that aren't on the table for us to consider, and I believe those are our tax credits. They operate totally separate from the budget and appropriations process, and yet they impact the amount of money we have to put in the budget.

The budget proposal is scheduled to go through its final House approval today.  

From the State Capitol, I'm Alana Young.     


Intro:  The Missouri House gave a modified state budget first round approval Wednesday .
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Wrap: The Missouri House voted to approve the state budget for the 2011 fiscal year Wednesday, raising concerns from

Democratic Representative Sara Lampe on tax credits exclusion from budget cuts.

But Perryville Republican Representative Steve Tilley says tax credits shouldn't be receiving criticisms from the House

minority party.

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Description: I think when we're, when you're talking about the kind of cuts that we're having to make, everything should be on the table. But keep in mind, some of these tax credits have a proven net positive benefit. So I think, I think we need to, without bias, look at all of them, and then make a decision from there.

The House will vote on the budget once more today before it heads to Senate for further approval.

From the State Capitol, I'm Alana Young

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