Proposition B is on the books, but some Missouri state legislators are already discussing its repeal.
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Proposition B is on the books, but some Missouri state legislators are already discussing its repeal.

Date: November 8, 2010
By: Breana Jones
State Capitol Bureau

State legislators from rural areas in Missouri are already talking about repealing Proposition 2 after a majority of counties voted against the measure.
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Wrap: Proposition B had a narrow victory last week, winning by only 3.2 percent, but the fight may not be over for supporters of the so-called "puppy mill initiative".

Some rural legislators have already said they plan to repeal the proposition in the upcoming legislative session.

"We will start working on that issue probably immediately," says Bolivar Senator-elect Mike Parson, quotes the Kansas City Star.

Central Missouri cattle farmer Don Mayse says he believes this is the best option after 111 counties voted against the controversial issue.

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Description: "Most of the people of the state of Missoura did not agree with this bill or support it. And it was because they spent so much money, millions of dollars in those markets, that they got this bill passed."

Mayse is referring to the more than 4 million dollars received by the Yes on Prop B campaign. The Executive Director of Missouri Pork Association says only 455 thousand of that came from in-state.  

It's only been a week and Missouri State Legislators are already discussing the repeal of Proposition 2, Breana Jones has more from the capitol.
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Wrap: 51.6 percent of Missourians voted yes on Proposition B, or the "puppy mill intitiative" last week.

The Kansas City Star reports some Missouri legislators would support measure that would repeal or dilute the new law.  

Some members of the livestock agriculture community believe that Proposition B is the first step by the Humane Society of the United States to regulate the industry in Missouri.

Executive Director of the Missouri Pork Association Don Nikodim says the H-S-U-S has passed similar measures in other states that then led to anti-hunting and anti-farmer bills.  

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Description: "Well, I think the track record of the group that promoted this proposition is very clear, I mean they're leadership has stated publicly that they want to end animal agriculture and that is the livelihood of a lot of folks in Missoura.

Nikodim also says he believes the Humane Society of the United States played to the emotions of urban voters who do not understand agriculture in order to get the victory.

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