House Republican Leaders React to Governor's Address
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House Republican Leaders React to Governor's Address

Date: January 20, 2010
By: Max Reiss
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  The Missouri House Budget Chairman mocks one of the governor's statements from his annual address.
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Wrap: Governor Jay Nixon said bipartisanship during last year's legislative session has accelerated Missouri's climb out of the economic slump.

That statement made House Budget Chairman Republican Allen Icet laugh out loud.

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Description: "The part about the bipartisanship with the budget? I just don't recall that happening! I said I may have been off the House floor when that bipartisanship occurred, but if it was, it was a brief moment in time because I just didn't see much of that."

House Republican leaders all said they're eager to work with Democrats as long as the governor himself reaches across the aisle.

Reporting from the Missouri House, I'm Max Reiss. Newsradio 1120 KMOX.

Intro:  Top House Republicans say working together with Democrats needs to be better in 2010 for the legislature to make progress.
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Wrap: House Leader Bryan Pratt says none of his fellow Republicans heard from Governor Jay Nixon while compiling his budget recommendations.

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Description: "You need to show some action. And the action is, let's work with our leaders in the House and the Senate. At least at this point, uh, we have no idea what the governor's plan for the budget is."

Top House GOP members did agree with what the governor calls "making government leaner" by eliminating more than 1800 state government jobs.

But they also said the legislature's focus this year needs to be on job creation in the private sector.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Reiss. Newsradio 1120 KMOX.

Intro:  Missouri's Republican House Leaders say the governor needs to work on creating jobs outside of government in 2010.
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Wrap: Missouri's House leaders liked Governor Jay Nixon's plans to make government more efficient by cutting almost two thousand positions.

House Speaker Republican Ron Richard says those cuts are nice, but other areas still need a lot of work.

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Description: "I suspect job creation is, is, what we believe is on the private sector, and not on the government sector. I don't believe that good job creation is expanding government."

Richard and his GOP colleagues said they were frustrated they didn't see the governor's budget recommendations before his State of the State Address.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Reiss. Newsradio 1120, KMOX.

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