US Congressional candidate comments on women's wealth
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US Congressional candidate comments on women's wealth

Date: January 26, 2010
By: Rebecca Stephen
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  A US Congressional Candidate talked about women controlling more of the country's wealth than men in a State Senate committee hearing.
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Wrap: During a Senate Ethics Committee discussion on lifting campaign contribution limits one Democratic Senator says this will hurt women and minority candidates.

But, Republican Gary Nodler says women live longer and therefore control a larger percentage of the country's wealth.

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Description: "Statistically, factually, despite the bias that exist in our society, women have more wealth than men in this country. That's just a fact."

Nodler is running for a U.S. Congress seat in Southwest Missouri.

In response, Democratic Senator Joan Bray says there are few women that control all of that wealth.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rebecca Stephen.

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