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Legislative Wrap

Date: May 12, 2010
By: Kiki Schmitz, Michael Bushnell, Emily Coleman and Nick Berry
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 844, SB 733, HB 1311, HB 1695, HB 2109

JEFFERSON CITY - After weeks of stagnation and cross chamber acrimony, movement began to emerge on major issues before the Missouri legislature in its final week of the 2010 session.

The legislature sent the governor a measure mandating insurance coverage for autism, advanced a scaled-down version of an ethics package and eliminated a state-funded scholarship bonus for students in private universities.

"In this line of work, you view what happens (by the) end, not necessarily the process," said Gov. Jay Nixon at a news conference.

Nixon said it was too early to pass judgment on the session's success.

"I wouldn't want to pre-grade based on a mid-term score," Nixon said. "We're at the turn, and we'll see how we do on the back nine."

The major legislative developments of the day included:

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