Link refused clemency
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Link refused clemency

Date: February 8, 2011
By: Kacie Yearout
State Capitol Bureau

It's up to Missouri courts to execute a man Wednesday morning.
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Wrap: Governor Nixon denied clemency to Martin Link Monday. Courts convicted Link for the kidnapping, rape, and first degree murder of Elissa Self in 19-91.

Rita Linhardt of Missouri for the Alternative to the Death Penalty says the courts will make the final decision Tuesday.

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Description: "Mr. Link still has some motions pending in the Federal Western District Court."

Linhardt says after the court makes its decision, the state will know if the execution will take place.

The last execution in Missouri was in 2009. Nixon pardoned Richard Clay earlier this year for unknown reasons.  

From the State Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.

Missouri will execute the final person using a lethal injection of sodium thiopental Wednesday morning.
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Wrap: Martin Link faced the death penalty after his conviction of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Elissa Self in 19-91. Missouri uses sodium thiopental for executions, but it is no longer available in the United States.

Department of Corrections spokesperson Chris Cline says the state is unsure of its future options. 

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Description: "I think the Department of Corrections is exploring all of its options. You know I think anything that we say now would be speculation, and, you know, I'm not going to speculate."

The rest of Missouri's supply expires in March.

Cline says he doesn't know how much money the state will lose with the wasted thiopental.

Cline also did not know how this will affect the future of the death penalty in Missouri.

From the State Captiol, I'm Kacie Yearout.

After 20 years, a St. Louis family saw their child's killer executed early this morning.
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Wrap: Martin Link kidnapped 11-year-old Elissa Self on the way to school in 19-91. Courts convicted him of kidnap, rape, and murder.

This week Governor Nixon refused the clemency of Link and the Missouri Supreme Court denied an appeal. Nixon spokesperson Scott Holste says the brutality of the murder played a part in the governor's decision.    

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Description: "As we near the time of the execution we need to remember the promise of a young life that was brutally taken away through an act of extreme violence."

Link's lawyer, Jennifer Herndon, was not available for comment. She put in appeals to the Missouri Supreme Court and Eighth US Circuit Court regarding how executions are carried out.

Link is the first to die in Missouri in two years, and the last with the anesthetic sodium thiopental.

From the State Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.

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