Lawmakers Unaware of China Hub Visa Program
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Lawmakers Unaware of China Hub Visa Program

Date: September 29, 2011
By: Matt Evans
State Capitol Bureau

A couple committee members taking up the proposed China hub bill are unaware of a visa program designed to get Chinese investors involved.
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Wrap: House Economic Development Chair Anne Zerr says on the same day she announced her committee would take up the China hub bill is unaware of any connection with a visa program.

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The EB-5 visa program gives foreign investors entry into the U.S. for a six figure backing of the China hub program - the same visa program used by failed U.S.-China business venture Mamtek, according to a Columbia Tribune article.

The article reports Senate Appropriations Committe Chair Kurt Schaefer said news that EB-5 would be a part of China hub is a reason to slow down the bill in the article, but lawmakers like House Economic Developement Committe Member T.J. Berry are still unaware of it.

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Reporting from the Capitol, I'm Matt Evans.

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