Missouri senators and representatives unsure if special session will continue
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Missouri senators and representatives unsure if special session will continue

Date: September 23, 2011
By: Alex Goldman
State Capitol Bureau

The blame game begins at the capitol as the special session heads toward it's end.
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Wrap: Two weeks after the governor called for a special session, senators and representatives are near the end, with no real progress.

House representative Republican Timothy Jones of Eureka says the governor is to blame if this special session goes to waste.


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Description: "I think it's a failure in the governor's leadership, and the governor inserting himself into this process and convincing a few senators to send us a bill that the house has never supported in the form of compete Missouri."

The House and the Senate will have to come to a quick agreement if any legislation is going to be passed during this special session.

Jones says the House and the Senate will meet separately Thursday night and try to compromise.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Alex Goldman.

With little agreement between the House and the Senate on the China hub legislation and tax credits, the end of the special session could end sooner than expected.
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Wrap: Missouri Senate Pro Tem, Republican Rob Mayer of Dexter, remains optimistic that some legislation can be passed prior to the session's end.

Mayer says he'll need proof of progress to justify the continuation of the session.

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Description: "We're going through the process to find out if enough progress was made that we can continue through session."

The House and Senate will meet separately Thursday night in an attempt to create a bill that can pass during special session.

The session is set to end on Friday.

Reporting from Jefferson City,I'm Alex Goldman.

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