Missouri cities alter law enforcement since 9/11
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Missouri cities alter law enforcement since 9/11

Date: September 9, 2011
By: Jessi Turnure
State Capitol Bureau

9/11 prompted Joplin to enhance its safety measures to ensure protection.
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Wrap: Joplin Police Department increased its local security at Joplin Regional Airport during flight times since 9/11.    

Lieutenant Matt Stewart says they are also working in conjunction with the FBI to investigate any potential threats or suspicious activity the community brings to their attention.

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Description: "The communication and sharing of information has increased dramatically since then and I think that's probably been the biggest positive from that event."

Although it has been ten years since the devastating attack, it still holds a presence in the Joplin community.

Reporting from the state Capitol I'm Jessi Turnure.

9/11 propelled protection in the St. Louis area with a new technology system.
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Wrap: The St. Louis Area Regional Response System implemented communication outlets to be safe rather than sorry.

St. Louis Area Regional Response System Director Nick Gragnani says they installed a terrorism early warning center or a fusion center where intelligence analysts work together nation-wide to share information to prevent other terrorist activities from occurring similar to 9/11.  

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Description: "The unique thing about them were they didn't care about learning how to take off or land. They were only interested in flying the plane from one point to another. Now that is a clue. It would have helped a lot if those agencies would have shared that information at the time that they had it."

Gragnani stressed regional collaboration and coordination are of ultimate importance to unite the country when a major incident occurs or even everyday contingencies. 

Reporting from the state Capitol I'm Jessi Turnure.

Because of 9/11, the St. Louis Police Department created a new radio system that will unite three St. Louis counties on one dispatch.
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Wrap: The St. Louis County Police Department's Emergency Communications Network is working on the implementation of a radio system to increase communication between St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties.    

The network says it hopes to meet the federal mandate, place everyone on the same radio platform and achieve public safety interoperability.

Emergency Communications Network Director David Barney says the attack sparked the idea.  

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Description: "9/11 pointed out really the need for public safety interoperability and the need for various public safety agencies to work together."

Contracts have not been signed but the commission says it hopes for the system's completion in 2013.

Reporting from the state Capitol I'm Jessi Turnure.


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