Health Care Compact bill to go to House floor
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Health Care Compact bill to go to House floor

Date: March 14, 2011
By: Christi Warren
State Capitol Bureau

Missouri is on its way to joining the growing list of states backing the Health Care Compact.
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Wrap: The House Rules Committee voted Monday to approve the Health Care Compact bill.

It will return the regulation of health care back to the state.

Arizona, Montana and Tennessee have also introduced similar legislation in support of the compact.

Democratic Representative Mike Colona opposes the bill because he says it's another attempt to repeal the federal health care mandate.

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Description: If the members of the state of Missouri don't want to comply with the federal mandate then perhaps we need to elect some new congressmen, some new senators and change the President. There's nothing we can do about that here in the Missouri general assmbly.

The bill will next go to the House for debate.

From the state Capitol, I'm Christi Warren. 

Missouri legislators' push to join the Health Care Compact furthered, Wednesday.
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Wrap: In Missouri lawmakers' latest attempt to repeal the federal health care act, the Health Care Compact bill was approved by the House Rules Committee, Monday.

The bill will bring the regulation of health care policy back to the state.

Republican Floor Leader, Tim Jones co-sponsored the bill and says it's a way to determine health care policy on a more individual level.

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Description: I think the states are best positioned to be in charge of their own health care needs for their health care populations, versus the federal government doing it on a one-sized-fits-all model.

The Health Care Compact bill next heads to the House floor for debate.

From the Capitol, I'm Christi Warren.

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