Senate okay with jails outside of county seat
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Senate okay with jails outside of county seat

Date: May 3, 2011
By: Kacie Yearout
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB340

Missouri Senate passed a bill that allows counties to build jails anywhere.
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Wrap: Currently, jails must be built within the county seat.

Buchanan County Senator Rob Schaaf says that some counties don't have any good locations for new jails left.

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Description: "And this change is needed so they can select property outside of the county seat to build that jail."

Schaaf says Clinton and Caldwell counties are two examples of counties that this bill can help.

Opponent Clay County Senator Luann Ridgeway says this bill will let the county seats put jails in small towns or unincorporated areas.  

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Description: "It can dramatically influence land values and it can dramatically influence the safety of the surrounding homes."

The bill went back to the house. It would go into effect immediately after Governor Nixon signs it.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.  

The Missouri Senate passed a bill allowing jails to be outside the county seat they serve.  
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Wrap: The bill allows for jails to be anywhere in the county.

Part of the bill allows for the consolidation of court house jails in Jackson and Cape Girardeau. Under state statute,the county has two courthouse jails.

Cape Girardeau Senator Jason Crowell says its important to consolidate them into one to eliminate health dangers.   

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Description: "Both of these courthouses were built at a time when asbestos were used very liberally."

Crowell says the county will pay in cash if local officials decide to have only one courthouse jail in Cape Girardeau, outside of the county seat.  

The bill went back to the house. If Governor Nixon signs the bill, it will go into effect immediately.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.  

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