Lampe pushes for changes in Amber Alert system
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Lampe pushes for changes in Amber Alert system

Date: February 10, 2011
By: Emily Kissee
State Capitol Bureau

Now, missing kids are protected through Amber Alerts, but after a committee hearing everyone else could be too.
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Wrap: Democratic Representative Sara Lampe of Springfield urged the Crime Prevention and Public Safety committee to support her bill expanding the Amber Alert System.

The bill would extend the system to notify the public of other missing people.

Lampe says a lot of progress has already been made in the way of assisting senior citizens.

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Description: "This is a move in the direction of what we're trying to accomplish. Whether it's through a legislation or whether it's just through a few new words that will help us pay attention to seniors."

Lampe says for those with memory loss or illnesses like diabetes this could be lifesaving.

From Jefferson City I'm Emily Kissee.

The Missouri Highway Patrol Captain says he wants to expand the system for reporting missing children and senior citizens.
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Wrap: Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Kim Hull says the public needs to know there is an Endangered Silver Advisory in place.

Now, there is an Endangered Person Advisory, which helps children and an Endangered Silver Advisory which helps elderly citizens.

Multiple parties help dissiminate these advisories.

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Description: "It's a joint project between local agencies, our agency, and the news media to make sure it all comes together like it should."

Hull says the bill which would extend the Amber Alert to help cover these two would only reinforce the effectiveness of the system. 

From Jefferson City I'm Emily Kissee.

The Amber Alert system has successfully brought home a number of missing children, but one Springfield lawmaker wants to see if it could help Missouri's seniors.
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Wrap: Democratic Representative Sara Lampe of Springfield wants to extend the Amber Alert system to senior citizens suffering from dementia and mental disabilities.

Republican Representative Gary Fuhr of St. Louis County agrees this would be beneficial for senior citizens but does wonder about the logistics. 

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Description: "My concerns for the bill is primarily two things, to make sure we have the systems in place that would be able to handle the additional load of these sort of alerts being placed and secondly that the number of alerts that people would be hearing wouldn't necessarily make them immune to the amber alerts."

Fuhr says he will wait to make his decision on the bill until it is perfected.

From Jefferson City I'm Emily Kissee (KISS-E).

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