China hub discussion put on hold until Monday afternoon
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China hub discussion put on hold until Monday afternoon

Date: September 8, 2011
By: Alex Goldman
State Capitol Bureau

With many questions surrounding the proposed China hub legislation, Missouri Senate leaders say it is necessary to take a weekend break to fully analyze the bill.
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Wrap: After a two hour closed door Republican caucus Thursday morning, Senate leaders say it's time to step away from discussion for the weekend.

Senate President Pro-Tem, Rob Mayer, talked about the importance of analyzing every aspect of the bill before talks resume.


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Description: "A bill of this magnitude and of this importance needs the attention of each member of this body. Each member needs to go through that bill with a very close eye and scrutinize it."

The Senate's discussion is set to resume Tuesday afternoon.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Alex Goldman


Before leaving Thursday's special session, one senator compares the China hub bill to a dying cancer patient.
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Wrap: The Senate's only licensed physician, St. Joe Senator Rob Schaaf, says talks about the China hub bill remind him of dying patients he's seen in the past.

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Description: "The tumor here is Aerotropolis, and I believe that the chemotherapy that we're doing is costing us about 25-thousand dollars a day to do this, to keep this alive a few more days."

Schaaf debated with Senator Jason Crowell about the decision to reconvene Monday.

Crowell says he is pleased with the weekend break to give all senators the opportunity to analyze the China hub proposition.

The Senate's discussion is set to resume Tuesday afternoon.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Alex Goldman. 

During Thursday's special session, one senator says there are major issues in Columbia public school transportation.
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Wrap: Senator Kurt Schaefer, says he is concerned that Columbia's school transportation problems will take a back seat to other proposed bills during this special session.

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Description: "The governor calls us back and says hey we want an economic development bill. Why don't you commit 360 million dollars at the same time that we can't even fund buses for public schools."

Schaefer says there is no form of transportation to and from school for students within a 2 mile radius of the school.

Schaefer criticized Governor Nixon last week for hurting upper-level education as a result of general revenue tax cuts.

There is no current solution to the issue, but Schaefer says he thinks it should be brought to the legislature's attention immediately.

Reporting from the capitol building, I'm Alex Goldman.

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