Missouri House votes to keep 40 St. Louis jobs
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Missouri House votes to keep 40 St. Louis jobs

Date: April 5, 2011
By: Kacie Yearout
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 546

Forty St. Louis government jobs are safe for now after a House vote Tuesday.
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Wrap: The House voted to relocate the Missouri Housing Development Commission within 40 miles of the Capitol Tuesday.

They decided against having the entire offices in St. Louis and Kansas City relocate.  

St. Louis Representative Jill Schupp will says the original plan would have hurt the 40 St. Louis and 80 Kansas City government employees.

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Description: "When this bill and this amendment were drafted, the affect on those 120 families was certainly not a consideration."

Opponents think having the director separate from the office will not be effective. 

Schupp says keeping the office will save the state more than 2 million dollars.

From the Capitol, I’m Kacie Yearout.
The Missouri House decides to let St. Louis keep 40 government jobs Tuesday.
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Wrap: The House voted Tuesday to have the Missouri Housing Development Commission's executive officer move within 40 miles of Jefferson City.

Legislators also decided to keep offices in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Boone County Representative Stephen Webber wants the House and Senate to have more control over the committee, but says having the director separate from the offices won’t let the commission be very effective.

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Description: "It doesn't seem it's an efficient to have essentially, not a CEO, but an excutive director of an agency."

St. Louis County Represenative Jill Schupp says keeping the offices will save jobs and money.

From the Capitol, I’m Kacie Yearout.

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