Senate passes new license plate bill
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Senate passes new license plate bill

Date: April 19, 2011
By: Kacie Yearout
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB307

Missouri senate approves cars sporting new license plates.
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Wrap: The Missouri Senate passed a bill that allows for several new plates. 

An new optional plate replaces the Missouri slogan “Show Me State” with “Don’t Tread on Me.” St. Louis Senator Tim Green was not sure about taking away the three famous words.

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Description: "I sit there and always watch...When people talk about Missouri they always bring up the "Show Me State" and the logo that we have. In all sincerity I think "don't tread on me" brings a connotation of confrontation."

Green was the only one to vote no.

The bill now goes to Governor Nixon for final approval.  

From the Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.

Missouri Senate decides to allow Missourians to have new special license plates.
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Wrap: The Senate passed a bill that allows for several new license plates to be available.

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Description: "When I looked at these I said 'Holy Toledo! Those are some good license plates.'"

Franklin County Senator Brian Nieves has seen the plates and says it’s just a simple license plate bill.

One of the optional plates will replace “Show Me State" with “Don’t Tread on Me," the slogan on the Gadsen flag.

Some of the plates will cost an extra fifteen dollars.

From the Capitol, I'm Kacie Yearout.

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