Missouri I-70 creates a drug route from coast to coast
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Missouri I-70 creates a drug route from coast to coast

Date: September 1, 2011
By: Alex Goldman
State Capitol Bureau

After a major drug bust on Missouri I-70, a highway partolman says this is a common occurence.
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Wrap: At a traffic stop near the 142-mile marker on I-70 yesterday, a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer conducted a K-9 search that revealed 132 pounds of marijuana.

Sergeant Paul Reinsch says I-70 offers a route from coast to coast for drug trafficking.

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Description: "I-70 definitely is a pipeline, obviously right through the middle of the country from east to west and drugs of all kinds are traveling up and down our highways everyday. I'm not sure exactly where this load was intended to go. He was intending to distribute it and sell it at a certain point, but at this time I don't know where he intended it to go."

Reinsch also says marijuana is not the only drug being moved across the nation through Missouri, but drugs such as cocaine and heroin are also commonly transported using I-70.

From the capitol, I'm Alex Goldman.

A Missouri State Highway patrolman says cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines are a daily occurence on Missouri I-70.
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Wrap: Despite the fact that 132 pounds of marijuana was confiscated at a traffic stop on I-70, highway patrol officers say that marijuana is not the only drug flowing through the state.

Seargant Paul Reinsch says that a variety of drugs make their way across Missouri on a regular basis.

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Description: "It doesn't really make a difference if you're talking illicit drugs whether it be marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin. We found those in vehicles, we find it all the time. Another thing that we're finding even more commonly are perscription drugs, which are very popular as well, so we're finding all kinds of drugs each and every day on the highway."

Reinsch also says he is concerned that I-70 is turning into a pipeline to ship drugs from coast to coast across the nation.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Alex Goldman.

Following another drug bust on Missouri I-70, one state highway patrolman says heroin is becoming more common in the state.
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Wrap: A highway patrolman stopped a car on Missouri I-70 yesterday and proceeded to search the car and find 132 pounds of marijuana inside.

While marijuana is extremely prevelent in Missouri, other drugs like heroin have started to appear more often.

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Description: "We have seen a little bit of an increase in that drug. Coming from our informants and things of that nature, it has made a little bit of a precense known. And there again, it doesn't make a difference, there are all kinds of drugs out there. Heroin is just one of many."

Reinsch says he is concerned about the drug trafficking in Missouri. He says he worries that Missouri I-70 is becoming a gateway from coast to coast for drug traffickers.

Reporting from the capitol, I'm Alex Goldman.

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