State investigating falsified public school attendance records
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State investigating falsified public school attendance records

Date: May 3, 2011
By: Andrew Weil
State Capitol Bureau

Allegations of falsified attendance records at a St. Louis elementary school leads the State Auditor's office to take action.
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Wrap: Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich is remaining tight-lipped about 9 subpoenas and 2 letters his office delivered to Patrick Henry Downtown Academy in St. Louis.

Schweich says he won't comment on the investigation until they reach a conclusion. 

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Description: "We are not saying that these are meritorious or unmeritorious allegations, what we are saying is the level of credibility of the allegations was such that we felt we needed to activate the rapid response team."
According to the school district's statement, officials will cooperate with the auditor's office.
Schweich says the investigation could lead to a clean bill of health, an audit, or a referral to prosecutors.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Andrew Weil.

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