Missouri Cuts Contract With Syncare
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Missouri Cuts Contract With Syncare

Date: September 1, 2011
By: Sherman Fabes
State Capitol Bureau

Missouri has officially cut ties to the controversial company that has failed to meet its contractual obligations. Sherman Fabes has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: "The company is not able to meet the terms and conditions of their contract."

That is what the Health Department Director said about Syncare when it announced today the state has terminated its contract with the controversial company.

The healthcare contractor was under fire from many people...ranging from regular citizens to law makers like House Budget Chairman Ryan Silvey, who says he is "pleased the department has decided to do the right thing for the taxpayers in [Missouri]."

Thursday's hearing revealed that Missouri 'loaned' more than 30 state employees to make the Syncare contract work.

A conclusion to this situation will happen over the next several months as the state looks to find a better contractor.

From Jefferson City, I'm Sherman Fabes, Newsradio 1120 KMOX.


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