Sen. Cunningham advocates for all children to attend accredited schools.
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Sen. Cunningham advocates for all children to attend accredited schools.

Date: January 31, 2012
By: Ashley Hartman
State Capitol Bureau

Catholic schools offered to help students currently living in unaccredited school districts across the state.
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Wrap: Republican St. Louis County Senator Jane Cunningham proposed a bill that would allow students in unaccredited school districts to receive tax credit scholarships to attend private schools.   

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Description: "It would give those children who are now enrolled in the unaccredited district the chance to come to a proven, quality accredited school for a very low amount."

Cunningham's bill would also eliminate the Kansas City Public School District and assign its schools to neighboring districts. 

Opponents said this bill does not address the underlying problems and will not solve anything.

A plan before Missouri's Senate would eliminate the Kansas City School's District.
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Wrap: Under the plan, Kansas City's schools would be divided amongst neighboring school districts. 

Interim Superintendent Steve Green said the plan would hinder the district's progress since losing its accreditation in January.

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Description: "I would think what this district needs and what has not had is stability and consistency in a variety of different ways in leadership. I'm here to provide that."

The same bill would also provide government support to students wanting to attend private schools. 

Catholic education leaders told a Missouri Senate panel they were willing to help the state deal with unaccredited school districts.
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Wrap: Catholic school superintendents from St. Louis and Kansas City told lawmakers they supported the proposal of Republican St. Louis Senator Jane Cunningham. 

Cunningham's proposal would provide a scholarship tax credit to students from unaccredited districts wanting to enroll in private schools. 

St. Louis Archdiocese Superintendent Robert Oliveri says his schools have plenty of room. 

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Description: "Our system is willing to be part of that solution in accepting many of these students and helping each of these children receive successful education."

The bill would also chop up the recently unaccredited Kansas City schools.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman.


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