Opening statements begin in Ameren rate increase case
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Opening statements begin in Ameren rate increase case

Date: September 27, 2012
By: Lauren Bale
State Capitol Bureau

Missouri residents will see their electric bills increase if the Missouri Public Service Commission approves Ameren's request.
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Wrap: The average Ameren customer would have to pay 14 dollars more per month if the utility company's request is approved by the commission.

Ameren's attorney Jim Lowery says Ameren has been denied the opportunity to earn. 

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Description: "We have a systemic long pattern where the company has been unable to earn it's authorized return. That pattern we believe is indicative of structural issues."

Attorney Lewis Mills says customers will recieve nothing for this increase.

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Description: "If you went to the local public hearings, you heard customers say 'we would be happy to pay if we were getting better service, if we were getting something different.'"

Hearings will run through October 12, 2012 before the Commission will decide.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Lauren Bale.

Ameren defends its request to increase utility rates during opening statements this morning.
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Wrap: The increase would raise electric bills by an average of 14 dollars per month.

Opposing the rate increase is the state's public counsel attorney Lewis Mills, who says Ameren can only get away with a rate increase because they are a monopoly.

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Description: "The only reason they can increase the cost of doing business by 10% in a years time is because they are a regulated company. Competitive companies would not be able to get away with that."

Ameren says they have been denied an opportunity to earn.

The Commission is in charge of the state's utilities and will decide on Ameren's requested after the hearings end October 12th.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Lauren Bale.


Missouri residents will see an increase in their electric bills if Ameren's rate increase request is approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission.
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Wrap: Ameren utility company claims it has been denied a "reasonable opportunity to earn" and has asked to increase rates by 14 dollars a month.

Diana Vuylsteke, an attorney representing Missouri Industrial Energy Consumers, says Ameren has requested greater funds than it needs.

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Description: "In the present case the evidence shows that Ameren overstates it's revenue requirement by 170 million dollars, or 45 percent."

Ameren's attorney, Jim Lowery says the increases would help fund new technology to improve reliability. 

The Commission will rule on the request following a series of hearings ending October 12th.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Lauren Bale.

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