House joins debate over birth control supplied through religious institutions
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House joins debate over birth control supplied through religious institutions

Date: February 22, 2012
By: Joe Chiodo
State Capitol Bureau
Links: The roll-call vote.

Missouri's House approves a resolution protesting the federal health care mandates.
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Wrap: A bill giving businesses the choice to provide abortion coverage and contraceptives based on their morals sparked debate among representatives.

The senate delayed voting on the bill, but the House passed a resolution declaring their opposition.

Democratic Representative Mary Nichols of St. Louis says giving employers a choice is not fair to women.

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Description: "Who suffers the negative physical effects from too many pregnancies? Who suffers economically from too many mouths to feed but not enough money to go around-- women do. Denying access to the basic needs constitutes sex discrimination."

Several Representatives disagree, saying women can still get birth control, but religious institutions cannot change their beliefs.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Joe Chiodo

Medical coverage of birth control under Obama's contraception mandate is sparking debate among Missouri representatives.
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Wrap: The house says it is unsupportiv of giving employers the choice to supply their employees with contraceptive coverage based on moral beliefs.

Representatives passed a resolution declaring their opposition to the bill which the senate delayed to vote.

Some representatives say the bill is a form of sex discrimination, but Republican Representative Jeff Grismore of Jackson, disagrees. 

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Description: "It is not discrimination against women and their access to contraceptives--they have that. but let's not let the administration work their way into the clinics, and the bedrooms of religiously affiliated institutions."

Grismore says requiring such institutions to provide coverage goes against freedom of religion.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Joe Chiodo.


The Missouri house of representatives is unsupported of a bill the senate has yet to vote on regarding Obama's contraceptive mandate.
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Wrap: Making contraceptive coverage the choice of an employer based on their morals is causing debate among representatives.

While the senate delayed vote on the bill, the house passed a resolution declaring opposition--but not without debate. 

Democratic representative Tishaura Jones says the bill is wrong because birth control is not just a contraceptive.

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Description: "I take birth control pills because I have cysts. My birth control pills control the pain for those cysts. And it makes no sense. It's despicable and it's wrong."

Several other representatives disagree saying it goes against the employer's freedom of religion.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Joe Chiodo.

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