The Missouri House takes action to stop bullying in schools.
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The Missouri House takes action to stop bullying in schools.

Date: May 3, 2012
By: Ashley Hartman
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB1049

With two weeks left in the legislative session, the House approved legislation that would better protect students when it comes to bullying in their schools.
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Wrap: The Missouri House passed a bill that requires schools to enforce policies that would implement programs to prevent bullying without stigmatizing the victim.  

Under the bill, student and faculty members would be able to anonymously report acts of bullying to school officials.  The families of the child being bullied would also be notified. 

St. Louis City Republican Representative Sue Allen sponsors the bill and says it would protect every child at every school. 

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Description: "This is a bill to help teachers, families, students, bulliers all have an opportunity to be better and safer."

Earlier, St. Louis Democratic Representative Genise Monticello spoke out against the bill saying as a parent, she thinks kids should learn to deal with bullies rather than running away.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

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