A bill proposed and a lawsuit filed to prevent candidate filing from happening
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A bill proposed and a lawsuit filed to prevent candidate filing from happening

Date: February 27, 2012
By: Rebecca May
State Capitol Bureau

Starting at 8 am people will line up to file for the state Senate candidacy, under a map that could change their district.
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Wrap: Two attempts to push back candidate filing dates because of unclear district lines... have failed.

One Republican Senator proposed a bill for a month long delay for candidate filing, but it never reached the Senate.

In a last minute attempt to postpone filing, a lawsuit was issued to put off the date for 15 days until the Senate district map is redrawn.

However, the Cole County Circuit Court denied the request.

Although there are no official changes to the submission date, Republican floor leader, Tom Dempsey says he won't be signing up for his district.

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Description: "I'm going to wait a couple of weeks. As I said the map is good for my district but as the caucus leader I'm very upset with what they did with Senator Cunningham and Lembke."
Reporting from the state Capitol I'm Becky May.

A Missouri judge denied the request to delay filing dates for Senate candidates.
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Wrap: Candidate filing dates for federal, state and county offices officially start Tuesday despite two efforts to postpone the Senate filing date.

One Republican Senator proposed a month long delay for Senate candidates to file. 

However, Republican floor leader, Tom Dempsey says the process for this bill requires more time than they had.

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Description: "It's not possible with the House being out of session, the speaker can't sign the bill so it's really moot."

In a final attempt to push back the opening date by 15 days a lawsuit was filed to the Cole County Circuit Court.

The Circuit Court judge, Dan Green denied the request.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Becky May.

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