UM System Urges Tuition Increases
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UM System Urges Tuition Increases

Date: January 31, 2012
By: Scott Kanowsky
State Capitol Bureau

Facing massive cuts in Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's 2013 budget, the University of Missouri is pushing for system-wide tuition increases. Scott Kanowsky reports from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: The UM system recommends curators approve an average tuition increase of 6.5%, with prices at the University of Missouri in Columbia spiking at as much as 7.5%.

Columbia Democratic Representative Chris Kelly says the decision is inevitable if the system wants to pay its expenses. 

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Description: "The Governor's office left the Curators no choice but to go to tuition for money. The state's failing in its obligation, so we're transferring the cost of our education from students and their parents."

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's proposed 2013 budget includes deep funding cuts to higher education institutions across the state. 

The Curators will meet to discuss the increases later this week in Kansas City.

Scott Kanowsky, KBIA News, Jefferson City.

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