Despite Claire McCaskill's absence, Democratic National Convention delegates are curious about Missouri senate race
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Despite Claire McCaskill's absence, Democratic National Convention delegates are curious about Missouri senate race

Date: September 4, 2012
By: Taylor Beck
State Capitol Bureau

Despite Claire McCaskill's absence, the Missouri Senate is a hot topic at the Democratic National Convention
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Wrap: Although Senator Claire McCaskill is not at the Democratic National Convention, Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Mike Sanders says Missouri has been a hot topic.

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Description: "The eyes of the nation are very much on the state of Missouri with this very tight U.S. Senate race that we have, and so it's been interesting to go throughout the convention and talk to delegates from other states and just how keenly interested everbody around that nation is in what's going on in Missouri."

Sanders says he fully supports McCaskill's decision to skip the convention.

McCaskill has not attended a convention during any of her campaigns.

McCaskill was unavailable for comment. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Taylor Beck.  


Missouri delegates support Senator Claire McCaskill's decision to skip The Democratic National Convention
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Wrap:  Senator Claire McCaskill isn't at the Democratic National Convention. Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Mike Sanders agrees with her choice.

He says he's not the only one.

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Description: "I think everyone that's in the Missouri delegation the Missouri caucus completely supports Claire's difficult decision that she made and we're one hundred percent behind her."

Sanders says delegates would pursue McCaskill all week if she was at the convention.


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Description: "Think about what this would have meant for her indivudally, personally as a candidate. She could have come to Charlotte and there is no doubt in my mind that she would have been the belle of Charlotte."
Sanders says the convention could have been a time for Claire to make connections to help her campaign.
Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Taylor Beck.

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